Gas industry

We specialize in the production of rubber and silicone gaskets for the gas industry. Our product range includes:

  • rubber gaskets for gas meters
  • rubber seals for gas pipelines
  • rubber gaskets for gas gate valves
  • rubber gaskets for gas fittings
  • rubber gaskets for gas tanks
  • rubber seals for gas valves
  • silicone gaskets for CNG and LNG tanks
  • gas flange gaskets
  • silicone gaskets for gas stoves
  • rubber seals for gas pipes
  • gas resistant rubber products
  • rubber fittings for gas appliances

We also produce gaskets and rubber products on individual request according to the customer’s technical drawing. We cooperate with leading manufacturers of gas equipment in Poland and abroad. Our NBR rubber-based compounds are certified in accordance with PN EN 549.

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