Plastics and TPE division

Plastics and thermoplastic elastomers, due to their processing capacity and the properties of the finished products, are increasingly used in the installation, automotive, household appliance, electrical machinery and telecommunications industries.

A modern machinery park equipped with fully automatic injection moulding machines and peripheral devices, supported by experienced technical staff, allow us to deliver the highest quality products used in all branches of industry both in Poland and abroad.

Our injection moulding plant uses plastic injection moulding machines and also offers PP, PE, PA, PS, ABS and POM plastic injection moulding with the use of machines with a clamping force ranging from 90 to 900 tons.

Key figures

900 tonnes The maximum clamping force is currently 900 tonnes.

3.36 kg The maximum injection weight per polystyrene is currently 3.36 kg.

1180x1000 mm The maximum mould dimensions are currently 1180x1000 mm.

Automation Machines equipped with manipulators, pickers, colour feeders, dryers, hot runner controllers, workstation mills.

Additional operations We offer pad printing, hot-stamping, ultrasonic welding, assembly and co-packing.

Measuring machine Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with table size 1000x1000 mm.

Case study


We process a wide range of plastic resins based on PP, PE, HDPE, ABS, PA, PS, PC, POM polymers as well as technical modified and filled plastics in countless resistance variants.

We have many years of experience in processing TPE, SBS, SEBS, TPV, TPU thermoplastic elastomers.

We work with an extensive network of suppliers offering proven granulates dedicated to particular applications, where the requirements are defined based on EN, DIN, ISO and ASTM standards or are individually tailored to the needs of the customer and their products.

Chemical, temperature, ageing resistance, non-flammability, drinking water and food contact approval, mechanical strength, impact resistance are just some of the many specifications we follow when selecting the best material for your products.

Mould shop and R&D

The key stage in the preparation of production is to make prototype tools and batch production tools. We cooperate with a small group of tool shops that consistently improve their skill set and capability in the field of machining and have at their disposal the latest machines for steel processing, i.e. 5-axis machining centres, CNC milling machines and lathes, wire-cutting and die-sinking machines. Our experienced staff of toolmakers, who know the specifics of the rubber industry, ensure successful and on-time project delivery.

GUMOTIV's construction department designs injection moulds, auxiliary and control equipment and complete production lines, and then supervises their production in the tool room. The hundreds of projects that have been completed in recent years have built up our experience and opened up new opportunities for cost-effective and innovative production.

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